Company Overview

Innovia LLC is a privately-held medical device company that specializes in the development and manufacture of novel biomaterials and innovative medical devices made from them. The Company is structured such that the biomaterial intellectual property and know-how are owned by Innovia, while the medical devices and their related intellectual property and know-how are owned by related companies. Biomaterials can be licensed to others by Innovia while the devices and/or the company housing the devices can be licensed or acquired. In this manner, Innovia maintains ownership of its proprietary biomaterials while benefiting from the success of the devices incorporating them. Further, by forming related companies to house individual products in various sectors of the medical arena, i.e. ophthalmology, cardiovascular, orthopedics, etc., potential industry-specific buyers need only purchase the company that serves their interests, and not a large entity with a diverse array of multi-staged products. In addition to its proprietary medical device development, Innovia also OEMs parts comprised of the Company's materials and designs and manufactures devices for the medical device industry.

The Innovia related companies currently include InnFocus Inc., InnoGraft LLC, and Innolene LLC. Joint ventures with Innovia include Surefire Medical Inc. and Interface Biologics Inc.